“In a professional, inclusive and sensitive process, Dorot helped us to understand the need for management mechanisms, to learn from the experience of families all over the world, and to build our forums. The initiative and impetus came from the fourth generation – our young generation – in their desire to prepare for future ownership. The experience led to the development of intergenerational communication in our family and created renewed family cohesion.”

Yoel Carasso, Chairman, Carasso Motors Ltd.

“Thanks to the Dorot team’s accompaniment, the work I accomplished in developing family leadership enabled me to find my place as leader of the successor generation and to build the leadership that will guarantee the future of the business.”

Hila Yohanan, Vice President, Avi Cranes Group

“It has been my professional delight to share my journey of helping families flourish with Tamar. We are each other’s teachers and with the gift of her translation of “The Cycle of the Gift” into Hebrew, collaborative authors. She is a gift to me and will be to every family she serves.”

James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr., author of: “The Cycle of the Gift”

“The charter we signed created clarity and openness between us and strengthened the feeling that we are a family partnership, and this forms the basis for the continued success of the business and family harmony in the future.” R.S.

“Dorot’s next generation workshop helped us see and experience each other, and we came away with insights – personal as well as shared.”

Yuval Turgeman, Turag Engineering & Construction, second generation

“I want to express my admiration for the professional guidance you gave me and my children. Thanks to your accompaniment, the transfer of our business from the founder generation to the successor generation was accomplished smoothly, all the way through to the end of the process.”

Shlomo Romano, A.P.L. Ltd.