Our clients

Yoel Carasso, Chairman of the Board, Carasso Motors, 3rd generation

Grandpa came to this country in 1924. Then the parents took over the business, four brothers. And today, there are nine of us cousins. We’re all involved, as board members, in what goes on the company – on the boards of directors of Carasso Motors and Carasso Real Estate. And in Generation 4, there are 22 cousins already waiting for us, and we’re waiting for them!

What preoccupies me, besides the business itself, is passing it down to the fourth generation, to our children. We don’t have the knowledge, the patience, the global experience of how to do it. There’s something of a burden and signs of rivalry and reckonings between the different branches of the family, and in fact, Dorot’s professional work defused the negative feelings.

We went out to a park and played a social game – the third and fourth generations. I think it made a huge contribution to the relationship between the two generations, and to the ability to work together. It also takes psychological and behavioral knowledge to hold meetings between people who don’t always agree with each other in the first place.

The best example was the first or second session, or all the sessions we held here on Fridays. Everyone came, and to tell the truth, no one wanted the meeting to end. The attendance was extraordinary! We would never have achieved it without Tal and Tamar’s professional guidance.

Their professional work removed the burden of history and shifted the perspective more to the future, and as a result, we were able to see where we’re going.

Galia Hazan Tirosh, second generation, Tirosh, an auction house.

There were difficulties along the way, it’s not something that sails ahead smoothlyIt’s very hard to cope when you’re facing the founder generation. We were afraid that opening old wounds and discussing tough subjects that you’d rather not think about would cause a rift, and that it would be impossible to continue to run the business together.

As a business and as a family we made it through the process.The ArTi Fair we produced last March was something new that we built from scratch. I think that it’s mostly thanks to the process we underwent with Dorot that we found the way to make Dad respect our wishes, and to make us respect his wishes and proceed carefully, and still do something new, big, and entrepreneurial.

First of all, I felt that I was in confident hands. We worked with Tamar and with Menahem Yablonski and with Tal Yahav, and each of them, besides being extremely experienced and knowledgeable – these are people with emotional intelligence that is truly impressive.

Seeing the big picture helped us to move ahead, as a family and as a business, in a safer, more responsible way.